Sellers and Buyers of Etsy faced delay in processing order

The online marketplace expanded their Direct Checkout System in the United States and in many European countries. By selecting the integrated mode of transaction, the buyers have a wide range of options to make payment. But the payment system had some issues in February 2016 and the sellers and the buyers began discussing about the issues in the company’s bug forum and in the social networking websites. Many buyers asked whether there was any problem with the Direct Checkout system and some had long processing time, while some of the buyers were unable to view their cart and others were not able to log in to the website. And the ecommerce company reported in their status announcement board that they were expecting an outage and a delay in the order payments. The company informed that they will communicate with their service provider and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Later the company reported that the service providers were working on the outage and they also said that they delay in the payment are found only for those buyers who have made transactions using their credit card. The buyers who used PayPal will not have any issues regarding their transaction process.

Earlier the online marketplace had a sensitive issue regarding the company forcing their buyers to choose the company’s integrated PayPal account in the Direct Checkout system. And the outage issue was found that there was a technical problem with the sellers account and the payment processor and the company informed the sellers that once the issue is resolved the sellers can get their credits deposited in their account.
Etsy is not the only company that faced this issue, even the ecommerce company, Amazon faced an outage on the weekend and the website was shut down for one hour in the United Kingdom.

Apple device users can checkout with a new app

Sellers and buyers in the online marketplace are now given many options in their payment process because of the new system introduced by the company. So the buyers can process their order transactions by using the Apple Pay, iDEAL, Sofort, credit and debit card and he PayPal account. The main benefit of the new Direct Checkout system is that it allows the buyers to pay using their credit cards or gift certificates from Etsy and the sellers who do not have their merchant credit card account can also have no problem regarding their order processing. The buyers can select their required items and make payment easily with the new app and checkout immediately. With the application installed in the customer’s desktop and mobile devices, they can complete their truncation is simple steps. This facility is available for the customers in the United States and the company also launched the new system in many European countries in February. With the help of the new payment application Apple Pay the online marketplace said that they will roll out the Express Checkout making it easy for the customers. The Apple Pay is the new app that is available for the Apple device users.

So, customers who have the Apple Pay application can do shopping and payment in few simple steps, they have to click on the button that says ‘buy it now’ and choose the Apple pay option from the list. They have to use their thumb impression to enter the Touch ID and the process is completed. For those customers who do not have a Touch ID enabled on their Apple device and the buyers who do not have the Apple Pay app can use their registered credit card or PayPal account to make payment.
The ecommerce company expanded their Direct Checkout system in thirty four countries with their recent service expanded in twelve countries.

Etsy Engineers Send Company-wide Emails for the Mistakes They Made

Etsy sellers are encouraged to explain about their mistakes and it can be conveyed through email. This process is called PSA where people send a list of mistakes they made and explains how they committed the mistakes, through public emails.

Engineers who mess up their work are given an opportunity to give detailed information about what they did, explain about their mistakes, understand their mistakes, their expectations and assumptions, the effects they had.

While giving this explanation they need not have to fear about punishments. This PSA emails was started in the year 2010 and later in the year 2011, as engineers from Etsy are suffering with complications with the mistakes they made. They shared it all over expectation that this scheme will reduce the barriers of engineers.

Employees are encouraged by other employees to send these self initiated confessions. This technique of understanding about the mistakes is a social contract that benefits author of PSA and the readers.

The mistakes may occur while doing some developments and it will be like error in a code. It is not just a major mistake that cause the site interruption but documenting ‘near misses’ will serve like a vaccine for Etsy. It helps the company to get protected from serious of errors in the future, without anything in the process.

Secrets of Etsy entrepreneurs’ success stories

Etsy, the online destination for artisans has turned many small time vendors into mega super stars. The company was established in 2005 and since then, it has given lives to many people with unique crafty talents. There are a few entrepreneurs who make millions of money off their favorite hobbies, thanks to Etsy! If you are crafty enough and want to make money off Etsy, then you should learn certain things as well.

  • In order to have a leg up in the race, do not shy away from loans that would financial support you. If you want to take a lot of orders, you will need money and online small business loans can be of great help. The interest rates would be higher than other loans, but it does a convenient service.
  • Try to invest time and money in making better arrangements for your business. If you are looking to sell sweaters, buy a camera to take HD pictures of them to post on the website. Smart business plans are necessary when it comes to eCommerce industry.
  • Never ever hesitate to be strict with your terms and conditions because smart business people would not step down from their final decisions. Be firm with what you want and convey it to the medium no matter what!
  • If you are against loans that demand higher interest rates, then go for zero interest credit cards. You can also save your productive balance without having to pay interest during the introductory period. Many Etsy entrepreneurs have followed this strategy to become more successful with their Etsy online stores.
  • If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then never forget to set monthly sales goals that would motivate you to achieve better in future! Set a target for yourself and work hard to hit it before next month commences.
  • It’s no shame in investing time in personal business classes! If you are unaware of business tactics and strategies, make use of google and note down the contact address of business class workshops!
  • At the end of the day, your passion and commitment matter a lot! If your only focus is money, then it is very difficult to make it in this industry! Let your passion and creativity overflow, you may even be the next super star!

Consider reviving all these secrets to become the next big Etsy entrepreneur!

Etsy wholesale is on mission to make record breaking market revenue

Etsy, the dream destination for artisans and shoppers who are into unique handmade items is all set to introduce a new addition to its market. It is none other than Etsy wholesale; the shoppers and artisans would be doing a victory dance now!  The new addition is out on market after being in beta testing for quite some time now. Wholesalers and wholesale shoppers can enjoy the service through Etsy wholesale. The company is also on full swing to advertise Etsy wholesale and is keen in making it popular as much as possible. However, it has a lot of rivals like the mighty Amazon, BestBuy and EBay & the best retail website Amazon has recently launched a new marketplace for unique handicrafts.

The famous retail website for unique shoppers was found by Chad Dickerson in 2005 and it slowly gained fame due to its large inventories. Etsy is currently ranked at 30thposition in the list of top 500 retail websites, how freaking cool is that? Etsy wholesale charges the wholesalers $100 as a onetime fee and transaction fee of over 3%. The retail company is trying its best to reach a word out about Etsy wholesale through its famous marketing strategies.

Recently, the company showcased its Etsy wholesale marketplace in the New York City and the wholesalers who were involved in beta testing participated in the pavilion. The event was a hit and it even received good responses from the warm New Yorkers!

Etsy marketplace is now at Calgary Stampede

Etsy is a shopping destination that is exclusively meant for unique handmade items produced by the finest artisans across the globe. The retail website is also known for its individuality and quality products that are one of a kind. According to a survey, Etsy stands at 30th position in the top list of 500 retail websites.  We all know the mighty Amazon is the most famous and familiar retail website in the world and it has even launched a new marketplace for unique handmade items for a lot cheaper prices. But the dedicated Etsy users have stayed true to the service and many shoppers did not even care about the price tags more than the quality of the products on shopsy (etsy clone

Etsy has marketplaces in several countries around the world and recently, the company debuted at Calgary Stampede. It received very good feedbacks from the locals of Calgary and many people turned up to sell vintage items on the website. The marketplace took place for 10 days and 19 sellers saw a good profit off it. Many products from pillow covers to beautiful wall arts were showcased in the marketplace and the buyers around the world loved them!

Etsy was found in 2005 and since then, it has turned out to be a huge retail website that is known to sell and vintage items. It has head offices in more than 12 cities and it poses a threat to many local retail markets that are exclusively meant for handmade items! Hope it does not take down Amazon as well, just kidding!

Etsy seller accuses Target of stealing her work

Etsy, the online shopping destination for shoppers who are crazy about unique handicrafts is a growing company that is a potential threat to other websites like eBay, Best Buy, and so on. According to many critics, the company is the so called “dark horse” that could be the strongest contender to Amazon in near future. Nevertheless, Etsy is known for its unique collections of handmade products that cannot be found anywhere else. Many sellers have turned into millionaires from a scratch, thanks to Etsy!

Etsy’s entrepreneur, Melissa Lay is known for her unique take on t-shirts and she was a proud owner of a clothing line called SandiLake. She had many followers on social media platform for her works that fetched her fame and recognition.  However, the seller was shocked when she came across a t-shirt from Target that exactly looked same as her creation. The t-shirt was black in color that had a rough figure of American flag and the word “#Merica” on it.    Also, the t-shirt from Target costs around $12 which is a lot cheaper than Melissa’s authentic one.

The news went viral and many suggested the seller to file a complaint on Target, but since she has got no copyright to her t-shirt, she was on the losing side. However, Target has stated the company has an immense respect for unique collections from the designers.  There are chances that many Etsy’s products are sold for cheaper prices on many other places, you may never know!

Etsy to Integrate With PayPal

Etsy respond to the company’s decision to add PayPal for its new direct checkout option, which allows buyers to use their credit card directly for making the purchase.

There is more number of sellers using PayPal option to get the benefit of direct checkout. Buyers who don’t use the PayPal need to use Visa or MasterCard for their payment. If the buyer is already having PayPal account, then he has the option to choose integrated PayPal and he is also provided with the facility to process the payment through their own PayPal account.

Sellers who use Direct Checkout without having a standalone PayPal option attached to their Etsy shop will have PayPal as an option for buyers.

Etsy also added some other payment methods to their Direct Checkout which includes so fort and ideal for European buyers and Google wallet and Apple pay for buyers, which will appear as “Direct Checkout “payment option for the sellers.

Etsy is also providing facility for the buyers to resolve their issues with the orders by means of the Etsy case system.

There is no chance if a seller accepts direct checkout and PayPal, but if a seller accepts direct checkout and has not added their own PayPal account, then Etsy will add its own PayPal account for the Direct Checkout process. By this, seller will see Etsy email id on the receipt instead of seeing their own PayPal email address. Buyers are also provided with information on how to contact an Etsy support and seller.

Amazon is not a biggest threat to Etsy

Amazon, the most used online website is not any fancier than Etsy that is slowly taking over Amazon’s place. You got to do admit the online marketing giant Amazon has got a better service and many cool updates to be the superior one. It has launched a marketplace exclusively meant for handicrafts and many buyers have already shifted from Etsy to Amazon. Many top sellers from Etsy stayed loyal to Etsy based on the user demands. The critics started to pick out on the site for losing 43 percent of its value since Amazon’s new launch. However, Etsy’s spokesperson denied the fact of Amazon being its enemy. Etsy is looking forward to expand wider across the globe but the expansion would cause troubles regarding the foreign currency exchanges rates and so on.

Etsy has achieved a partial success on its way to expansion; extra 20 percent of active sellers and 25 percent of active buyers have shown interest during various trials. The site’s transparency seems to be working out fine and bringing about positive results. But honestly speaking, much better results were expected by the company. Etsy is working on to have PayPal integrated with the site to attract more number of sellers; after all, the growth of sellers denotes the success of the company.  However, the growth of Etsy is now affected by the giant Amazon’s new updates on handicrafts. But the company’s favorable terms and conditions would keep the sellers hooked on it for some more time.

Things to Be Sold On Etsy

Etsy is a growing website which attracts a number of people by its handmade and vintage products. Here is the list of products to make and sell on Etsy:

Handmade tools:

This section includes handcrafted materials, items made with yarn, doll parts, scrapbook and many more.

Event material:

This section includes some unique materials which are used for weddings like cake toppers and tangled veils.

Storage Requirements:

Shoppers choose jars, canisters and many other related storage items. Decorate and paint it in such a manner that makes your product look unique.

Monogrammed goods:

You can earn money through monogrammed bags, engraved with designs which the customer requests.

Vintage goods:

The better way to sell goods other than handcrafted ones can be achieved by choosing goods that are at least 20 years old.

Arts and Paintings:

Sell your own paintings, sketches and graphic arts with a frame that suits it.


Sell Christmas ornaments made of seashells, bouquets and Easter baskets.

Paper goods and Stationery:

Sell products like greeting cards, post cards and related items printed with your own design.


If you have knowledge in sewing, then you can sell clothes which you designed and stitched.


Most of the shoppers prefer jewelry items like bracelets, anklets, necklace and many more, so it is the best commodity to sell and get profit.


If you have knowledge to work with a saw and have enough woods, then you can reach millions of customers by creating a simple table designed with your own style.