Top 10 Bongs

1. Lightshow Skull Glass Tube

This is a simple and budget-friendly bong. Running at just about a hundred dollars, it will provide you with a solid smoking experience. Made from your standard borosilicate glass, it features a bowl and a metal down the stem. Lightshow Skull Glass from Black Leaf also comes with LED lights that shine through the skull-shaped bowl, making this an insanely trippy bong, especially with the lights turned off.

2. Double Egg Bong

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A device that’s all about functionality and durability, the Double Egg Bong from G-Spot offers twice as much volume than the previous Egg Bong. Combine that with an ice catcher and the bongs sizeable dimensions, and you get extremely good filtering of the smoke. The tube is ever so slightly angled, making it easier when taking a hit. Being a G-Spot product, it’s made out of high-grade borosilicate glass, and the logo is imprinted along the neck in gold leaf.

3. Pink Glass Bong with Black Wrap and Foot

Almost every item on this list comes with certain functionality that stands out from the regular bongs. In that regard, the Pink Glass bong provides a good taste but fails to offer anything special. Not to say that it’s not a good bong. We’re just trying to say that the specialty of this device doesn’t lie in its performance, but in its design. Noble Glass specializes in designing especially cool glass bongs. And the design of this thing is truly beautiful. The hand-blown, soft pink glass stands on a specially crafted base, and the tube is decorated with a black wrap. This may be the cheapest piece on this list, but dare I say it, it sure is the most beautiful.

4. G-Spot UFO bong

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Similar to the previous Double Egg bong, a UFO bong is also a product of G-Spot. That means sturdy and quality borosilicate glass and a permanently imprinted G-Spot logo along the neck that doesn’t fade. The UFO bong can also hold a sizeable amount of water thanks to its flying saucer shape. The price to quality ratio is just right with this product. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with this extraterrestrial-themed bong. The shape looks extremely cool and is a personal favorite of many of our customers.

5. Twin Tower Four-Chamber Beaker Base Glass Tube

This 22.4 inch beast of a water pipe is a creation of a German designer Ziggi Jackson from Weed Star. The name of the game is effectiveness, and this device has got it. The four chambers with a circ perc allow the smoke to get cooled and then diffused, thanks to the enormous cooling volume. The added functionality of ice notches allows you to add ice to your smoke, making your hit even smoother.

6. Lazyboy

Another unique product that scores points in both design and functionality, the “Lazyboy” is an American-made glass bong, hand blown and crafted in Oregon. Made by American Glass Works, this signature piece doesn’t just have a cool bong name, but also comes equipped with a diffuser system, glass ground joints and beautifully designed ice-notches that naturally slip into your grip when you hold it. This song stands out from the rest of the crowd, as the angled tube gives it a special look and feel. The unique design also provides functionality, since you don’t have to angle yourself directly above it, hence the name “Lazyboy”.

7. Gridded Tongue Percolator Vapor Bong

Gridded Tongue comes from the newly famed Pulse Glass family. This best seller is perfect for upwards airflow, especially on the bottom chambers of the double percolator pieces. It also preserves the flavor of your herb. All Pulse percolators are hand-blown and expertly crafted, so you know that every new Pulse Tongue percolator is unique. This piece of glass art is made from the highest quality Schott glass and the Pule Glass logo is labeled in real platinum, so it will never fade.

8. Wave Bong

A G-Spot Wave Bong is a mix of traditional and funky. For the most part, it’s a and a big one at that. Being a G-Spot product, it comes from the traditional manufacturer of extremely sturdy glass. Said to be able to break wooden planks and hammer nails, this Germany made bong is annealed to release surface tension, and then oven tempered. The curvy shape in the form of a wave gives this bong an unusual and a very special look without making the glass frailer. A great combination of sturdiness and creativity.

9. Glass Ice Bong

This is a simple, and yet truly unique bong in both experience and appearance. Although subtle, the 3D marble design gives this product an attractive and elegant look.
As for the smoking experience, the Glass Ice Bong is superior to the majority of other ice pipe vaporizers. The design is perfected not just for the look of the bong, but also for the smoothness and the coolness of the smoke. The inline percolator combined with the fixed stem keeps this bong rigid while at the same time providing an instant release of vapors.

10. Swiss Percolator

The Swiss Percolator comes as another great Pulse Glass product on this list. This cool water bong is created from Pyrex glass and features a stemless design, which filters a lot of debris and tar from the smoke and moistens it before inhaling. It also comes with an ice catcher, giving you the option of a cooler smoke. Carbing is easy due to a ground glass bowl, and the mouthpiece is thick and comfortable. All and all, a quality bong that is simple and easy to use.